Version 3.0 was a huge release for Game Show Studio with many new features and a fresh new design that enables the host to run their shows more smoothly than ever.

Free Upgrade: Customers who purchased Hosting Mode in version 1 or version 2 received a free upgrade to Hosting Mode in version 3.

Prepared Games

New in version 3, the host can prepare a game before getting everyone together to play, so that host can transition easily from one round to the next. Rounds in prepared games can have preplanned rules (e.g. scoring and timing rules) and question sets. Learn more about how to use Prepared Games here.
Round Navigator

Reorganized and Responsive Host Screen

Game Show Studio 3 provides a great hosting experience, regardless of the host’s device’s screen size.

On iPad, the host can take advantage of the large screen to have one-touch access to all of the game’s important controls and the most expansive view of game information:

Host on iPad Full Screen

Or, the host can use split screen to have another app on the screen at the same time. In larger layouts, all of the controls remain visible, but the Teams Pane is moved to the top of the screen to make more space horizontally:

Large Split Host Screen

In smaller split screen views, the control panes get organized into a tab view, for quick access to the Questions Pane, Music Pane, Sound Pane, and TV Pane, as needed. The Teams Pane always remains visible, so that the host can have quick access to scores and to see who buzzed in:

Small Split Host Screen

iPhone provides a great hosting experience, as well, and has a layout that is similar to the small split screen view on the iPad on larger phones, and yet another layout on smaller phones:

Host on iPhone Host on iPhone

Redesigned Player Screens

The Player Screens were redesigned with a fresh, new look, and are designed to maximize the tap area for players to buzz in, regardless of whether one player is using a device, or multiple players are using a device.

Player screen

Additional Updates

Check out Game Show Studio 3 to discover additional improvements, including:

  • A redesigned landing screen,
  • A redesigned timer control on the host’s screen,
  • A redesigned Music Pane.