Version 3.0

Version 3.0 was a huge release for Game Show Studio with many new features and a fresh new design that enables the host to run their shows more smoothly than ever.

Free Upgrade: Customers who purchased Hosting Mode in version 1 or version 2 received a free upgrade to Hosting Mode in version 3.

Prepared Games

New in version 3, the host can prepare a game before getting everyone together to play, so that host can transition easily from one round to the next. Rounds in prepared games can have preplanned rules (e.g. scoring and timing rules) and question sets. Learn more about how to use Prepared Games here.
Round Navigator

Reorganized and Responsive Host Screen

Game Show Studio 3 provides a great hosting experience, regardless of the host’s device’s screen size.

On iPad, the host can take advantage of the large screen to have one-touch access to all of the game’s important controls and the most expansive view of game information:

Host on iPad Full Screen

Or, the host can use split screen to have another app on the screen at the same time. In larger layouts, all of the controls remain visible, but the Teams Pane is moved to the top of the screen to make more space horizontally:

Large Split Host Screen

In smaller split screen views, the control panes get organized into a tab view, for quick access to the Questions Pane, Music Pane, Sound Pane, and TV Pane, as needed. The Teams Pane always remains visible, so that the host can have quick access to scores and to see who buzzed in:

Small Split Host Screen

iPhone provides a great hosting experience, as well, and has a layout that is similar to the small split screen view on the iPad on larger phones, and yet another layout on smaller phones:

Host on iPhone Host on iPhone

Redesigned Player Screens

The Player Screens were redesigned with a fresh, new look, and are designed to maximize the tap area for players to buzz in, regardless of whether one player is using a device, or multiple players are using a device.

Player screen

Additional Updates

Check out Game Show Studio 3 to discover additional improvements, including:

  • A redesigned landing screen,
  • A redesigned timer control on the host’s screen,
  • A redesigned Music Pane.

Version 2.3.1

host screen

Game Show Studio 2.3.1 adds support for iPhone X.

Game Show Studio was updated to look and work great on iPhone X even before iPhone X was available, providing a great experience with Game Show Studio on the new device from day one.

Version 2.3


Game Show Studio 2.3 includes an update to the TV screen so that the host can show the timer that counts down the number of seconds players have to buzz in after a question is read.

  • The host can start this timer by pressing the “Start Timer” button on the Host screen.
  • There is an option to show or hide this timer in the TV Pane on the Host screen.
  • The number of seconds this timer counts down from can be customized for each round in the Round Rules pane under the Timing section by changing the “To Buzz In” setting.

This version also includes a minor layout update.

Version 2.2


Version 2.2 includes multiple enhancements to the Music Pane, including:

  • A new song collection called Arena.
  • The Play button becomes a Pause button on the Music Pane while a song is playing. Tap this button once to smoothly fade out a song. Tap it twice to stop a song immediately. The other Pause button remains visible at all times, for easy access even when the Music Pane is not showing.
  • Visual improvements when a song or sound effect is tapped.

Version 2.1


New in Version 2.1: 3D Touch Support.

  • Quick Score Edit: Use a 3D Touch on a team to quickly access the free-form score edit panel. The Team Detail Screen is still available using a regular (non-3D) touch to get access to the quick score updates.
  • Home Screen Quick Actions: Now you can get access to Hosting Mode or Player Mode using a 3D Touch from the iPhone Home screen.


Version 2.0

Version 2.0 was a huge release for Game Show Studio with many new features.

Free Upgrade: Customers who purchased Hosting Mode in version 1 received a free upgrade to Hosting Mode in version 2.

Question Sets

Game Show Studio now comes with questions to use in your trivia game. Choose from built-in question sets or create your own.

There is a new Questions Pane on both iPhone and iPad. On iPhone, the pane fills the entire main area of the screen. Note that while there are players assigned to teams, the Host Info View will be visible so that the scores and buzz-in status are always available to the host.

questions pane on iPhone

On iPad, the Questions Pane is visible in conjunction with the Teams Panel, in addition to the A/V Panel:

questions pane on iPad

Question Set Editor

It’s easy to write your own question sets with Game Show Studio’s built-in Question Set Editor:


External Questions

Use of the new Questions Pane is optional. Game Show Studio still works great for games where the host wants to use trivia questions from a source external to the app (such as trivia board games or academic materials).

Timed Round

The host can now include a new kind of round that makes for a dramatic ending to a game. The fast-paced Timed Round includes an exciting introduction and new sound effects that help the host create a thrilling game show experience. Check out the video to learn more.

Host Control Panes

Commonly used game controls are now easier to access than ever, and new controls have been added to give the host more control over the game show experience. There are six Host Control Panes:

  • The Teams Pane: This pane shows which players are on which teams, the scores, and which player has buzzed in. The style of this pane varies based on which device is being used (iPhone or iPad).
  • The Questions Pane: Shows the questions in the currently selected set and allows the host to select between various question sets.
  • The Music Pane: When this pane is visible, the host is one tap away from playing a song at any time. Volume mixers are now available in version 2.0.
  • The Sound Pane: This pane allows the host to play sounds during the game and to customize the volume of the sounds that are played automatically during the game.
  • The TV Pane: The host can control what’s displayed on the TV from the TV Pane.
  • The Round Rules Pane: The rules of the round can be customized from this pane.

What Has Changed?

  • In version 1, the only pane that was always visible was the Teams Pane.
  • The ability to play music was accessible through a popover display that disappeared when a track was selected (the Music Pane is now persistent in version 2, and it offers volume mixers).
  • The round rules display was a separate screen in version 1. In version 2, the Round Rules Pane is better integrated and easier to use.
  • All of the other panes (the Questions Pane, the Sound Pane, and the TV Pane) are brand new to version 2, and offer the host new options that were previously not available.

On iPhone, only one of the six panes can be visible at a time. Notice that on all panes except the Teams Pane, the Host Info View appears so that the host can know the scores and buzz-in status at all times:

host control panes

On iPad, there are three panes visible at all times. The Teams Pane is always visible. The A/V Panel allows the host to display the Music Pane, the Sound Pane, or the TV Pane. The Utility Panel allows the host to display the Questions Pane or the Round Rules Pane.

In the following image, the Teams Pane is purple, the A/V Panel is yellow, and the Utility Panel is green:

host control panes

Host Info View

On iPad, the teams and scores are always visible on the main host screen. On iPhone, other panes (like the Music Pane or the Questions Pane) take the place of the Teams Pane when they are visible. To make sure that the host always has access to relevant information, an informational view appears to show the current scores whenever there are players on teams and the Teams Pane is not visible. When a player buzzes in, this informational panel animates to show which player buzzed in. This way, the host can stay on a pane other than the Teams Pane (such as the Questions Pane) throughout the entire game. This informational view is pictured below, where you can see what it looks like in its default state, and in the state where a player has buzzed in.

score info pane

Easier Score Updates

Quick Score Corrections

score corrections

New in version 2.0, the host can easily make scoring adjustments based on the round rules. Tapping a team’s score will display an easy-to-use panel that offers one-touch access to common scoring changes (add or subtract correct points or incorrect points). Free-form score editing is also still available.

Award or Penalize Players with Sound Anytime

score updates with sound

Tap on any team’s score to reveal buttons to award or penalize a team and play the corresponding sound. This is great for asking on-the-fly questions or for questions that the host wants to let a team answer collaboratively.

Television Display Options

Version 2.0 gives the host control over more aspects of the TV display, in addition to displaying title cards and a victory animation. Learn more on the TV Page.

What Has Changed? In version 1, there was a TV display, but no customization options.

Music and Audio Mixers

The volume of the songs available on the Music Pane can be customized on a per-track basis.

music mixers

If the mixers don’t appear, scroll to the bottom of the Music Pane and make sure that the “Show Volume Mixers” switch is in the on position.

Sound effect volume can also be customized on a per-sound effect basis in the Sound Pane:

sound mixers

Additional Updates

Version 2.0 is filled with updates, big and small. Here are just a few more updates that come in version 2.0:

  • New Song Collection Called Clouds.
  • Numeric Input Panel: Anytime the host needs to enter numbers, a new input panel will be displayed that makes entering numbers quick and easy.
  • Visual Refresh: Hosting Mode’s screen now has a darker, more distinguished appearance.
  • Redesigned Round Rules Pane.
  • The Timer Button Is Larger.
  • Helpful Animations Added to Host’s Interface.
  • In-App Help: Links to help pages were added to many parts of the host’s flow.