The Round Rules Pane allows you to customize your trivia game show in a variety of ways.

round rules pane

Quickly Loading Saved Round Rules

You can prepare multiple sets of round rules that you want to use before you begin your trivia game, so that you can provide a seamless experience to your players when it’s game time.

The top section of the Round Rules Pane allows you to quickly switch between previously saved rounds, in addition to displaying the title of the currently selected round. Tap the “Change Round” button to see a list of all of the rounds that you have saved, where you can quickly:

  • activate a new set of round rules (by tapping any round),
  • add a new round (by tapping the “+” button),
  • change the order of the rounds (by using the reordering controls after tapping the “Edit” button), and
  • delete rounds (by using the delete control after tapping the “Edit” button).

You can set up your rounds to automatically display the Round Intro screen on the TV (if a TV is connected) when you activate the round. If the round is a Timed Round, you can set the Timed Round Sequence to begin automatically when the round is activated. See the Appearance for Television section below for more information.

Updating Saved Rounds

In order to change the rules of a round, you must first activate the round by tapping “Change Round” and then tapping on the round you wish to modify. Once the round is active, any changes you make will automatically be saved.

Scoring and Timing

Tap any of the areas in the “Scoring” and “Timing” sections to make changes.


  • Points for Correct: The number of points awarded when a player buzzes in and the host taps the “Correct” button.
  • Points for Incorrect: The number of points penalized when a player buzzes in and the host taps the “Incorrect” button. This is entered as a positive value and is subtracted for incorrect answers. If you don’t want to penalize incorrect answers, enter 0 for this value.


  • To Buzz In: The number of seconds that will count down after the host taps the “Start Timer” button (which is intended to be tapped after reading a question). When this timer elapses, the buzzers will become disabled for a moment, and the host should move on to the next question. This is an optional feature; the host can move on to the next question at his/her own pace instead of using this timer if that would be a better fit for the game.
  • To Answer: The number of seconds that will count down after a player buzzes in. This timer will begin automatically after a player buzzes in. Once the timer runs out, nothing will happen automatically; the host must still indicate whether the player answered correctly or incorrectly.

Round Style

There are two round style options in the “Round Style” section: Regular Round and Timed Round. Check out the video below for a demonstration of how a Timed Round can make for a dramatic and exciting finale to your game.

Appearance for Television

The active round can affect what is seen on the TV screen. The options in the “Appearance for Television” section give you control over how this works.

round rules tv appearance

The Round Rules Pane’s TV Appearance section offers options to customize the following items:

  • Theme: When the Round Intro is on the TV screen, the background is determined by the theme. See the TV Options page for more info.
  • Use Style on Game Board: The selection from the “Theme” section will be displayed on the main Game Board screen if this switch is on. This may cause poor performance either on the TV screen or on the host’s device (especially while scrolling) on older devices.
  • Show Intro on Selection: If this switch is on, the next time you activate this round, the Round Intro will be displayed automatically on the TV (if connected to a TV). If the round is a Timed Round, activating the round will automatically begin the Timed Round Sequence, regardless of whether a TV is connected. Whether or not this switch is on, you can show the Round Intro anytime by going to the TV Pane. You can begin the Timed Round Sequence anytime in the Round Style section of the Round Rules Pane.
  • Intro Song: The song that will be played when the Round Intro is on the TV screen.