The Music Pane lets you play music at any time during your game show. To do so, tap the Play button next to the track you wish to play. To stop the song, tap the Pause button. For easy access, the Pause button remains visible regardless of which pane is visible.

One tap on the Pause button causes the song that is currently playing to smoothly fade out, for a polished experience. To stop the song immediately, tap the Pause button twice.

Song Collections

The songs are arranged into multiple collections, which allow you to customize the feel of your game show. The top section of the Music Pane allows you to change the collection, which will update the songs that are available for playing.

changing song collection

Below the main song area is a section for ambient tracks, which remain visible regardless of which song collection is selected.

Kinds of Songs and Their Uses

Each song collection has tracks that are intended for specific uses to help the host create an immersive game show experience:

  • Main track: Best for introductions (either as the introduction to the game, or as round introductions).
  • Underscore: Useful for providing a background track while the host is talking, for instance, when a new round is about to begin and the host is explaining the rules.
  • Sting: Short track that is great for transitions.

Volume and Mixers

By default, each track will play at a volume based on its intended use. Stings are the loudest, main tracks have a medium volume, and underscores have the softest volume, so that they can be played while the host is talking.

The volume of each track can be customized. If the volume mixers are not visible, scroll down to the bottom of the Music Pane to the Advanced and Help section and turn on the switch labeled “Show Volume Mixers.” This will display a mixer slider for each track. If a track is playing, you will hear the volume adjustment as you make it. If the track is not playing, you will not notice any change immediately, but the track will use the volume you set the next time it is played.

More Places with Music

Music can play automatically at various points in the game, including:

  • When a Title Card is onscreen
  • When a Round Intro is displayed
  • When the Victory Animation is activated
  • During a Timed Round

For more details, see the TV page and the Round Rules page.