The Music Pane plays music at any time during your game show at the touch of a button.

For easy access, a Pause button is always available on the host console, even if the Music Pane is not on the screen. One tap on the Pause button smoothly fades the volume to zero, providing a polished game show experience. To stop the song immediately, tap the Pause button a second time.

Kinds of Songs and Their Uses

Song collections have tracks that are intended for specific uses to help the host create an immersive game show experience:

  • Full: This is the main track of the song collection, and is great for introductions (such as the introduction to the game, or as round introductions).
  • Underscore: Useful for providing a background track while the host is talking, for instance, when a new round is about to begin and the host is explaining the rules.
  • Sting: A short track designed for transitions.

music pane

There are also ambient tracks available, suitable for a variety of activities, such as when the host is introducing a new round.

Volume and Mixers

By default, each track will play at a volume based on its intended use. Stings are the loudest, main tracks have a medium volume, and underscores have the softest volume.

The volume of each track can be customized. If the volume mixers are not visible, scroll down to the bottom of the Music Pane and turn on the switch labeled “Show Volume Mixers.” If a track is playing, the volume will be adjusted during playback while the volume mixer is being adjusted. If the track is not playing, it will use the new volume the next time it is played.

More Places with Music

Music can play automatically at various points in the game, including:

  • When a Title Card is displayed (customize this on the TV Options screen)
  • When a Round Intro is displayed (customize this on the Round Setup screen)
  • When the Victory Animation is displayed (customize this on the TV Options screen)
  • During a Timed Round