To begin a game with Game Show Studio, you will two or more iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) running Game Show Studio: one device to host, and one or more devices to play. Game Show Studio is free to download, and players can join a host’s game for free.

The following video shows how to connect to players and begin a game:

Finding Players Later in the Game

When you enter Hosting Mode, the Find Players screen appears automatically. You can return to this screen later by tapping the Game Options button at the top of the Host screen, then tapping Find Players.

Fixing Connection Problems

If you have trouble connecting:

  • Ensure that both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on for all devices (host and players). You can do this using Control Center.
  • Bring the player devices closer to the host’s device (the connection should work from 300 feet away or more, but the distance and reliability can vary based on a number of factors).
  • Reset the connection on both the host’s device and the players’ devices.
    • On the host’s Find Players screen, tap the “Reset Connection” button.
    • On the players’ “Not Connected to Host” screen, tap the “Reset Connection” button (which appears after several seconds).
  • If none of the options listed above work, try to force Game Show Studio to quit, then relaunch it on all devices (host and players).